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Saturday, April 25, 2015
Top 6 Tips For Contacting C-SPAN's Washington Journal (w/ Phone Number List) Print E-mail
Written by Guillermo Brown   
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First broadcast in 1980, C-SPAN's Washington Journal is the first nationally televised call in show. This show gives the public a chance to personally speak to elected representatives and policy makers. iNewsTube.com can help first time callers with these helpful tips.

1. Don't Echo

If you are lucky enough to get on the air, have your remote control ready. Turn down or mute your TV if you hear the Washington Journal host say your city and state on the phone. If you don't turn down the volume you will hear your own voice and your voice echoed on the TV. This may cause you to be confused and the Washington Journal host to be upset, potentially hanging up on you.

2. Take a Two-Pronged Approach

Email questions are less likely to to be answered, regardless, you should send them. Emailing your question and calling on the phone gives you two chances to contact the Washington Journal Guest. Your email should be sent before the guest arrives with the subject stating 'Washington Journal Question for xxxxx'.

3. Sharpen Your Points

Be prepared by writing down or typing out your question beforehand. This gives you a chance to read, edit and make sure your question makes sense.

4. Make Time For The Guest

Keep your personal comments minimal and direct. What C-SPAN callers have to say is usually never more important than what the guest has to say. Your comments will probably not make the news, however, what the guest says during the interview might. This may happen if your question is prefaced precisely and perfectly. If the WJ guest breaks new informational ground due to your question, be proud that you lead the guest to that point.

5. Give It Up For The Network

Political junkies know the saying 'Thank God For C-SPAN'. If you listen to Washington Journal often, you'll hear it alot. Be sure you let the station know that you appreciate them in your own way.

6. Don't Hog The Board

Follow the C-SPAN guidelines and give other callers a chance. If your call got on the air, mark the day on your calendar and wait 30 days before trying again.

Washington Journal is on C-SPAN 1 everyday from 7:00 am to 10:00 am Eastern.

Contacting C-SPAN's Washington Journal:
Republicans: (202) 737-0001
Democrats: (202) 737-0002
Independents: (202) 628-0205
Outside U.S.: (202) 628-0184
Email Questions or Comments: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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